Luvvocabulary.Com is closed international multilingual dating service,
that helps it’s members to create long-term, stable and serious relations.
There is no spam and scammers, each member is verified and real.
All the members of the community are serious and mature people.

Why Luvvocabulary.Com?

  1. Free registration.

    We do not take and will never take payments for our users' registration.

  2. Absence of SPAM, frauds and ads.

    We do not have advertising in any its form.
    We have no spam mailout, advertising and money requests, the system immediately blocks such messages.
    And that is your confidence that you communicate with real people.

  3. Safety.

    We reliably protect the site from breakings and information theft.

  4. Professional translations by AnyLang Translation Network©.

    We do not use computer translations.
    All correspondence is translated by highly skilled translators.

  5. Full anonymity and information confidentiality.

    A translator works with a text only and does not know the sender and the receiver of the message.
    Any information given by the users is strictly confidential
    and cannot be opened to the third parties or organizations and be an object of an exchange or sale.

    And what is more...

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