In this section, Luvvocabulary.Com wants to state his opinion on the online fraud,
professional translations and to discuss similar sites that have similar name and services.

With the development of online dating sites the variety of ways to trick users on these sites gained currency.

The fraud using online dating sites is the type of fraud which is carried out by the means of such sites.
Introducing oneself as a potential partner to a person who is looking for romantic relations, the attacker first gains his/her trust,
and then under false pretenses asks him/her to send money, bank account numbers, credit card numbers,
or the information needed to steal identity (passport numbers, national identification numbers, etc.) voluntarily.

The ways to avoid becoming a victim of frauds and make your interaction on the dating sites safe, enjoyable and productive you can read, here

Due to the current suspicious situation on the Internet, users are willing to take even the sincere feelings and emotions for fraud.
Certainly, it’s worth to be careful but is there any use in going to extremes and taking everything for fraud?

We will not talk about the fraud on all dating sites, let’s talk about what is happening on our site if, on the whole, it ever occurs…

Let’s start with the fact that our service is one of a kind.
All other services with similar features or domain names have no relevance to us.
If you encounter any of these sites on the Internet, you should know that they are not related to us and all of our service received complaints
with links to other resources, where they are located, are not relevant to us.
We are ready to handle complaints related only to our site, and not the other.
Our service is called Luvvocabulary.Com (just so and no other way), all other resources do not relate to us.
We did not put the domain names with other or similar names on the Internet.
If you see these, you should know that it’s not the work of us.

Conditions of registration and website terms of use are described in detail, and we have nothing to hide.
Do not be lazy and read it right now!!!

Our service is widely used in CIS countries, and women choose it for the following reasons:
• our service is convenient for women who do not know foreign languages,
since we work with the service AnyLang Translation Network© that provides professional translations;
• they know that the service is safe, that it has a good reputation, here they will not meet scams, for there are only mature people
who are looking for a meaningful relationship, moreover, they are free to invite the man they want to communicate with.

Luvvocabulary.Com is often confronted with the following question: "Can professional translation services be fraud?"

Let us ask ourselves this question.
— What will you answer?
— This service has been introduced to the website for the convenience of communication.

Thanks to the work of our partner AnyLang Translation Network©, our users have never written a complaint that their message was not translated.
Of course, there are force majeure events, but in this case, our partner is always quick to respond to user requests to the support service.

"Better safe than sorry!" — We always recommend to all of our customers to check the quality of translations with the help of a third-party.
Please refer to the person or company (translation agency or bureau) whom you trust and ask their opinion.

If the money was taken and the translation wasn’t done, then certainly it was the fraud.
If you are faced with a similar problem, then feel free to contact us, we will help you get the money back
and will think over if it’s worth to continue working with our partner.

Finally, we would like to add that the whole team is working to verify the identity of our users.
The result of this work is that you will never face the requests to send money
or any information which can be useful for scammers.
We are not going to cross out all of our work with an unconfirmed complaint from the side of any person.
If you have a claim to someone else, we ask you to present evidence and provide the facts.
We are against slander and indignity of our clients and service.

Nevertheless, remember that "Love is the best gift". And do not play with people’s fates.