Questions and answers

  1. What is Luvvocabulary.Com?

    Luvvocabulary.Com is a closed multilingual society, which is intended for dating, communication and meetings.
    This service is simple, modern, confidential, anonymous and individual.

  2. How can a lady register?

    Ladies can register either remotely or in the offices of our closed international multilingual dating service.
    They undergo a special questionnaire and provide documents proving their identity.
    A lady can’t be registered at the service, if she doesn’t prove her identity.

    Ladies, if you wish to be registered in our community, you need to contact support service via e-mail,
    undergo a special questionnaire and prove your identity.

  3. How can a gentleman register?

    Gentlemen can register at Luvvocabulary.Com by filling a special form of Registration.

    The Luvvocabulary.Com Administration has the right to refuse to register on the site without explanation.

  4. Why everything is free for ladies?

    Luvvocabulary.Com basic rule - gentlemen pay for everything.
    In turn, we guarantee that all the ladies of our service are real.

    Our specialists perform personal interviews with ladies in our offices.
    Today, Luvvocabulary.Com has 4 offices in CIS countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan).
    In case a lady can't come to the office, she can confirm her identity by the remote verification of her data.

  5. In what way does Luvvocabulary.Com differ from other dating sites?

    Luvvocabulary.Com will help you to understand each other perfectly.

    Together with messaging, the site provides quality professional translations,
    offered by our partner AnyLang Translation Network© (this service is optional).
    No one automatic online translator can convey mood, feelings and emotions, as a real person can.
    Privacy and anonymity are guaranteed.

  6. How can I send a message on Luvvocabulary.Com?

    You can send a message for a user of Luvvocabulary.Com in two ways:
    - You need to get the status “Active Membership”;
    - Through the service of our partner AnyLang Translation Network©.

  7. How much does a translation cost?

    A translation costs €0.065 per word. minimal cost of a private message is €1.

    If you get the status of “Active Membership” on Luvvocabulary.Com,
    translations for you will be with % 10 discount (€0.0585 per word).

    Plus we give an exclusive system of bonuses and discounts for translation.
    The translation cost can be reduced up to % 30. You can learn more about that after your Registration.

  8. What translation directions are available at this moment?

    Russian → English
    Russian → German
    Russian → French
    Russian → Italian
    Russian → Spanish
    English → Russian
    German → Russian
    French → Russian
    Italian → Russian
    Spanish → Russian